Friday, December 2, 2011

Great Kid's Media

If you're anything like me you are very skeptical about the quality of Christian products - after all, if we serve the Creator shouldn't we be the most inventive? Lately there have been some great improvements and strides forward in the quality and creativity of Christian resources and they actually reflect the decade that we live in.

Here are a couple "kid tested, Pastor Rob" approved items that I would highly recommend to parents looking for some cool media for their kids:

What's In the Bible? DVDs - I tried to call watching these "research", but I'll be honest, it was wildly entertaining! Check out the website here. What’s in the Bible? is a new DVD series from VeggieTales® creator Phil Vischer designed to walk kids and families through the entire Bible. DVDs 1-5 (Genesis – 2 Samuel) are available now.

The Rizers CDs - I think most of the Bible memorization music for kids I've heard was written and recorded in the 80s - but this music is current and well written too! Check out their website here.

If you're ever looking for a Bible that is easy for kids to understand but doesn't water down the gospel, this is often what I use and I would highly recommend. Check it out on amazon here.

And since apparently this blog turned into an infomercial, here is a great book I recommend to all parents. Loving Our Kids on Purpose combines the principles of the Kingdom of God and revival to form a powerful strategy for parents. Check it out on amazon here.

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