Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Myrrh the Merrier

Not to be confused with the sound a bored cow makes, myrrh is the third and final gift that we discussed in Kidz Express in our series Happy Birthday, Jesus! Last week we spoke about how Jesus is not only our King and High Priest who links us to the Father, but He also is our sacrifice that atones for our sin and makes us righteous in the eyes of His Father and ours. Just as gold is to royalty and frankincense is to priesthood, myrrh is the gift the Magi brought to signify and honor Jesus for His great sacrifice through His death on the cross, and causes us to respond by saying, "Jesus is My Life Saver."

5/K Lesson: This week’s lesson is about Balaam and his talking donkey and how God wants us to listen for his voice.

4s Lesson: We will learn how Joseph showed God’s love to his brothers when he forgave them for sending him away to Egypt.

3s Lesson: This week’s lesson is all about “Jesus is Born!” and how Jesus is God’s precious gift for us.

2s Lesson: This month the 1s and 2s will be learning about the birth of Jesus through hands on activities such as playing with baby dolls in little mangers

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