Saturday, December 31, 2011

When I Am Weak, He is Strong

We're learning how to fast, what to fast and different reasons to fast, but the thing that I want us to grasp this month is that the whole point is for us to make ourselves weak so God can be strong in our lives. Everywhere you go people are bragging about themselves, how smart they are, how strong, about their grades, the lie they got away with, that they're the tallest in the class, the best at baseball, dancing, riding horses, or how many toys they got at Christmas. But God doesn't want us to be prideful about things that don't matter. He wants us to learn that if we will become humble, someone who isn't prideful but loves others more than themselves, He will be strong through us. Like this, Jesus said about that one disease in Mark 9, "this kind can only be cast out by prayer and fasting." in other words, we can't heal that person, but if we humble ourselves and pray and desire God more than we want food or TV, or video games, He will be strong through us and then when we pray... things change.

2s Lesson: This month 2s will learn about God keeping David safe when he defeated Goliath

3s Lesson: This week’s lesson is about Jesus calming the storm as he traveled with the disciples

4s Lesson: Will be learning about God creating the earth and ways we can thank God for creating the world

5s Lesson: This week’s lesson is about God taking care of Elijah by sending ravens with food to eat

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