Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Glory of Christmas

Recently while riding in the car with my wife and listening to Christmas music, she briefly made the comment, "Isn't it great that once a year the world witnesses to itself about Jesus?" It was a short comment and wasn't followed with any conversation, but every since she mentioned that I have been thinking about the glory of Christmas.

Of coarse we can focus on the commercialization of the holiday or the fact that, politically we're not suppose to say Merry Christmas, but the reality is, when everything is stripped away, there is still a solid structure that this holiday is built on - the love, generosity and kindness of the Creator and how His desire has always been to be in relationship with us as a race and as individuals.

So, Merry Christmas. I hope this year you are able to take a moment and experience God's love, generosity and kindness through every sense and through the people around you. And that even more than in previous years you experience His love and desire for you, His beloved child.

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