Tuesday, July 17, 2012

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Saturday, July 14, 2012


There is a major connection between TRUST and WILL. Jesus demonstrates for us the ultimate trust relationship when He says that He only does what He sees the Father doing. He even says that His food is to do the will of the Father (John 4). It is impossible for us to show trust in God if we are not willing to do what He asks us to do. And as hard as it is to actually follow through with, our trust in God is not complete until we lay down our wills without picking them back up.

Think about the wise and the foolish builders, (Matt. 7:24, Luke 6:48). They both heard God's instruction, they both built up their household, they both had storms in their lives, but only the first man was spared because he heard and did, or submitted his will to what was instructed of him. When we're willing to lay down our ideas and wisdom for God's, then we find our foundations in the Rock.

This week we are going to be learning about the parable of the builders and Express Truth #2: "I CAN TRUST GOD NO MATTER WHAT." We show trust in God by listening and doing what He asks of us, by submitting our wills to His.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Express Truths

Last year while I was doing some prayer, planning and creating some goals for the grade school ministry I felt like the Lord gave me a strategy. When it all comes down to it, once the kids in our KidsMin graduate up to OutBreak, or move out of the area, or leave for one reason or another, what did they learn from me and our team? After doing a lot of research into other children's ministries and seeking the Lord, I came up with 6 truths that, if they remember nothing else, will help set this young generation up with a good foundation in Christ.

Our 6 Express Truths are:
  1. I am a child of God the King.
  2. I can trust God no matter what.
  3. God speaks to me through His Word and by His Spirit.
  4. I can make the right choice.
  5. Just as God treats me with love, I treat others with love. 
  6. Jesus loves me and with Him, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

Over the next 6 weeks, we are going to relearn these 6 Express Truths by diving into a truth each week and applying it into our lives. Starting at #1, this week we will be discussing what other people say about us and how the truth of our REAL identity as sons and daughters of God outweighs anything that can be said to or about us. 

Images by Doyle Partners and Cizon Sauceda

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Camp Judah Recap

Barna did a survey recently that stated that on average, kids learned more about God and the Bible in one week of Christian camp than in an entire year of Sunday School. Now, I don't believe that Kidz Express was involved in that study because we may have swayed that statistic the other direction. However, after seeing what God did among the young people at Camp Judah last week, I wouldn't be too surprised by this finding.

After doing some math I discovered that as a staff, we spend around 575 total hours teaching and ministering to the campers. And when you look at the camp as a whole, we spent nearly 3,300 total hours learning about or spending time in the presence of God! Not to mention numerous salvations and first time baptisms in the Holy Spirit.

As you can see there is a major reason why we believe in camp so much and why we spend a significant amount of time, promoting, fundraising, and preparing for this one week.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Continuing our series on Blessed, we will be looking at the 8 beatitudes that Jesus teaches us about in Matthew 5:1-12.

Rob's paraphrase:
1. Verse 3 - Blessed are the poor in spirit... You could say it like this, you're blessed when you are ready to give up, because you are so tired and frustrated that it is easy to ask God for help - and God loves it when we ask for His help.
2. Verse 4 - Blessed are those who mourn... God is better at comforting us than our moms, grandma's, dads, whoever. The Holy Spirit is even called "The Comforter."
3. Verse 5 - Blessed are the meek... Meekness is kind of like being happy with who God made you and not being out of control.
4. Verse 6 - Blessed are those who hunger & thirst for righteousness... You could say it like this, Blessed are those who really love God, spend time with Him, pray, sing worshipful songs, and want more and more of God.
5. Verse 7 - Blessed are the merciful for they will be shown mercy... If you plant corn seed what do you get? If you plant forgiveness, or love what do you get?
6. Verse 8 - Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God...You have a pure heart by doing 2 things, first ask Jesus into your life because when you do He promises to give you a new, clean heart. And then by making right choices and fighting temptation.
7. Verse 9 - Blessed are those who don't start fights, who help others get along, who forgive others even if they don't ask for forgiveness, who are nice even when they want to be mean.
8. Verse 10 - Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness... You could say it like this, Blessed are those who are made fun of, teased, hit or left out because they do the right thing by following Jesus.

Saturday, June 2, 2012


According to Warren Wiersbe the word blessed comes from the latin beatus, hence beatitudes. Which means divine joy and perfect happiness, even despite circumstances. At the time the word was only used for those already in heaven. However, since we now can experience heaven on earth... "You Are Blessed"

This month we are going to be looking at the Beatitudes, how they apply to our lives and what it means to be BLESSED even if our circumstances, moods, health, etc. say differently.

Specifically this week we will be talking about the meaning of the word blessed and that Jesus was talking about our righteousness throughout Matthew chapter 5 and the sermon on the mount. The Pharisees thought that cleaning the outside of the cup was what made the difference, but Jesus teaches us that it is the inside that counts.