Saturday, December 3, 2011

Frankenstein and Myrrh???

Kidz Express attendee: "Pastor Rob, why did the wise men bring Frankenstein to Jesus for His birthday?"
Pastor Rob: "oh, child, my sides are aching..."

Why did the magi bring frankincense to Jesus and what was its significance? Frankincense was one of the main ingredients used to make the incense that burned in the tabernacle in the mornings and evenings. It was a holy recipe that was forbidden to be used in homes or for common use. The reason the magi brought it to Jesus was to symbolize and honor Him as our High Priest. Because of the sacrifice of Jesus we are able to have relationship with the Father, Jesus is our mediator and link to a holy God. (Ex. 30:34-38, Heb. 8)

5/K Lesson: We will focus on Genesis 3:1-24 and the account of Satan tempting Adam and Eve in the garden. We will learn that God loves us and knows what is best for us so we should obey Him.

4s Lesson: We will learn about Joseph’s jealous brothers and how God wants us to be loving to others even if we are mad or jealous.

3s Lesson: We will talk about Jesus loving us and how he wants to be our friend. We will hear the story about Jesus healing a man whose friends had lowered him down through the ceiling.

2s: Lesson: This month the 1s and 2s will be learning about the birth of Jesus through hands on activities such as playing with baby dolls in little mangers

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