Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Have you ever wondered why the Wise men brought Jesus gifts and what their significance was? This month in grade school we are going to be starting a new series called Happy Birthday Jesus! We will be exploring the gifts that the Wise Men brought to Jesus and why they were significant. This week we will be talking about the Gift of Gold and how this is a gift befitting the King of kings.

Now unless you are keeping a secret from all your friends and neighbors, I doubt any of us have a wealth of gold laying around that we could wrap and FedEx up to heaven (if so, I accept donations...), but there are ways that we can honor Jesus as our King. We will be brainstorming ways in our service to do just this, so challenge your grade schoolers this week to honor Jesus by talking to Him, asking for help when they need it, being thankful, and obeying their parents (I thought you might like this last one).

5/K Lesson: We will explore God creating the animals as told in Genesis 1:1-25. The lesson focuses on the concept that God is loving, so we thank God for animals.

4s Lesson: We will hear the story of Joseph and his Special Coat. The Lesson centers around the concept that God is loving, so we love others.

3s Lesson: We will learn about how God protected Daniel in the Lion’s Den.

2s Lesson: We're discovering how God takes care of us through the story about Noah and the Ark

No Kidz Quest or Cadre 5.0 tomorrow due to the Thanksgiving weekend. Next Sunday, Dec. 4, is our last week of KQ & C5 until January 8. 


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