Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Thanksgiving Charade

Almost as amazing as the Thanksgiving Day Parade, this week we are putting a challenge to your grade schoolers to see which team can come up with the best skit about what actually happened almost 250 years ago. We will also talk about how, thousands of years before the very first thanksgiving, the Israelites would give offerings to God called peace offerings or thanksgiving offerings. This was a way for them to thank God and unlike most of the other offerings, after the sacrifice of the animals and bread and drinks was made, the one who offered it up to God was able to eat it with his or her family & friends. This was a way to symbolize that the person who offered it was at peace with God and in relationship with Him. See Leviticus 7.

5/K Lesson: Exploring what it means to praise Jesus through the story about Jesus entering Jerusalem on a Donkey.

4s Lesson: Learning that God is loving and we can trust him as shown the story of Noah and the rainbow in the sky.

3s Lesson: Learning that God helps us do great things through activities based on David and Goliath.

2s Lesson: Discovering how God takes care of us through the story about Noah and the Ark

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