Saturday, February 25, 2012

When Following Jesus Gets Tough

Most can admit that at times we would like to take the easy way. Wouldn't it have been great to trade your teachers 50 sit ups instead of having to take that test, or picking your mom a flower instead of having to do all those chores? But as much as our laziness entices us, God's rewards are so much better! It's called the narrow path for a reason, but the destination is far greater.

As we continue our series, What's Eating Jonah, it is easy to notice that Jonah had a really difficult time following God. It would be naive of us to think that following Jesus in our own lives is always going to be great and dandy. So what do we do when we are tempted to take the easy way out? This week we are going to be exploring the difference between the easy way out, and the much more rewarding way - God's way.

2s Lesson: We're learning about God answering Hannah's prayer for baby Samuel.

 3s Lesson: We're learning how Jesus told the disciples to let the children come to Him.

 4s Lesson:  We're learning about Joseph receiving a colorful coat from his father

 5s Lesson:  We're learning about God creating the animals of the earth

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