Thursday, February 23, 2012

Understanding Your 4 and 5 Yr. Olds

(This is the fifth of an 8 part series on Understanding Your Youngster. Check back each week for helpful, age specific information on how to help your child's spiritual development and creating a godly foundation.)
"When children pretend, they aren't limited to the way things are in the real world." Fred Rogers
Welcome to the cheery world of four and five year olds! Energetic and expecting life to be fair describe us. Our friends are important to us and we like to go to each other's houses. We love to imagine and pretend. We're often curious and can be heard asking, "How?" "What?" and "Why?" Join us in our journey and see how we do life!
  • Listen to my questions, give honest answers and assure me of God's love.
  • I am able to remember stories and and repeat them. I am beginning to see the difference between fantasy and reality. 
  • I am learning that prayer means talking to God and I can pray to God anytime, anywhere, and about anything.
  • I can learn that God wants us to obey Him and my parents. 
  • I understand the concept of yesterday, today and tomorrow, but I don't always have a sense of how long an hour can be. 
  • I am beginning to ask questions about God.
  • I take what you say literally. 
  • I am learning that God made me special. I can show God's love by doing kind things for others.
  • I can learn the Bible is true and teaches us about God and Jesus. 
  • I can follow 3-step commands: brush teeth, put on PJs, get in bed. 
  • I am understanding that Jesus loves everyone and he wants us to love him and love others.
  • I like rules. They give me direction. 
  • I can identify right from wrong, but still need reminders to make the right choice. 
"When I approach a child, he inspires in me two responses: tenderness for what he is, and respect for what he may become." Louis Pasteur

(Information pulled from Willow Creek's "Thought You'd Like to Know" packs.)

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