Saturday, February 4, 2012

What's Eating Jonah?

The story of Jonah has become so familiar that I'm sure I could have anyone of our grade-schoolers come and give a pretty accurate account of what happened to Jonah. But if you ask most people who the story is about, or at least the main players, they'll say Jonah, or the Ninevites, or even the whale! Really this story is about God. The Lord is mentioned over 35 times in these 4 short chapters and if you remove Him from the story it won't make any sense at all. This month we are going to be talking about how Jonah responded to the will of God, what we can learn from his disobedience and anger, and how to share the love of God with those we have a hard time being around. 

2s Lesson: This month’s lesson is about God answering Hannah’s prayer for baby Samuel

3s Lesson: This week’s lesson is about God protecting Daniel from the lions

4s Lesson: This week’s lesson is about Noah’s trust in God as he builds the Ark

5s/K Lesson: This week’s lesson is about how great God’s love is as they learn about God taking care of the birds.

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