Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Under My Umbrella

When Jonah was disobedient to what God had asked him to do, he came out from underneath God's covering. So what can we do to stay underneath God's covering and what happens when our poor choices remove us from this place of blessing and protection? Last week we answered these questions and learned that even though we may have to go through the consequences for our actions, what we do or say will never stop or diminish God's love for us.

So what can we do to stay under God's covering?
  • Pray and ask for God's grace to stay in this place. 
  • Ask parents or other leaders for help.
  • Think about your actions before you make a decision. 
When we find ourselves out from under God's covering, how do we go back?
  • Ask for forgiveness.
  • Receive God's forgiveness.
  • If needed/able, make things right.
2s Lesson: Learned about God answering Hannah's prayer for baby Samuel.
3s Lesson: Learned about the birth of God’s Son Jesus.
4s Lesson: Learned about Noah and the waters flooding the earth.
5s Lesson: Learned about Jesus’ parable about the lost sheep.

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