Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Home School vs. Public School vs. Christian School

I know that for many different people there are different reasons and methods of getting the same thing done. We all like to do things the way we do them and sometimes it can seem completely foreign to us why, "those people do it that way." But what I am coming to learn is because God has created us all so uniquely, even in the way our brains operate and the way we make decisions and process information, we can come to different conclusion because there is not a black and white answer. And to go a step further, at times our passion and love for doing what we do in the way we want it done, can cause us to contort our faces when others do it differently.

One of those hot topics can be the area of whether or not we home school our kids, send them to public school or to a private school. What's the right answer? Maybe you're saying, "well Pastor Rob, there is no "right" answer..." but privately in your head you're saying, "...but all the brilliant, beautiful parents who really love their children _____________."

Recently I came across a blog where the author has spent a significant amount of time looking into this very dibate. I want to pass along what Pastor Sam Luce has concluded on the matter, and even though all of his ideas and arguments may not be how I would say them, I do feel like he gives us a great starting point, especially if you have ever or will ever try to answer this question for yourself and your family.

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