Wednesday, May 4, 2011

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This month we are starting a new series where we will be exploring if God still speaks to people like He did in the Bible and how do we become the type of people who can hear and understand what He is saying.

This past Sunday we discussed different ways that God communicates to us and what can hinder us from hearing God, such as sin, the devil, and us choosing not to listen or by being too distracted.

Memory Verse:
Matthew 11:15
“Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand!”

Discussion Q's:
1. What do you think is the weirdest way for humans to communicate to one another?
2. What would you do if you could not speak to anyone?
3. Do you think you have ever heard God and if so what did He say?
4. Would you like to hear God better and more often – it is going to take some hard work but with practice you can start learning what God’s voice sounds like.

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