Friday, March 4, 2011

Where Can We Meet With God?

I believe one of our greatest, overlooked resources as Christians is the opportunity of going to Summer Camp. Of coarse there are a variety of camps out there, but when a solid, biblically based summer camp is found, we should take every chance we can get to utilize this opening to meet and grow deeper with God.

Lloyd Mattson writes in his book, " Christian Camping Today",
"Most campers will experience more Christian education in one week of camp than they will in an entire year in church."
What an astounding concept! Imagine being able to wrap up that much growth into a single week. Many of us have our own experiences with camp and we can tell you of the ways we were able to meet with God when we were out in the wild. And this is by no means a new arena for experiencing the presence of the Spirit. Think back through all the Bible stories you have heard and the ones that are based in a similar setting.

  • Abraham was under the stars when he received one of the greatest promises ever.
  • Jacob was on the frontier when he met and wrestled with God.
  • It was among the wild animals that Daniel saw the faithfulness of God.
  • David wrote many psalms from the depths of caves.
  • John's entire ministry was set in the wilderness.
  • Moses looked on God in a way no other human has from atop a mountain.

And in the same way many of us have met with God while out in the beauty of the wilderness. (If you haven't personally been to camp, just check out all the testimonies in the latest edition of the Pulse). 

With this in mind, Pastor Seth and I have been working on some new ways to help get as many kids and teens to camp this summer. For those of you with children between 8-18, keep an eye on your mailbox in the next few days for information on our 14th annual EGC Open Golf Tournament and a new fundraiser this year - The Pancake Breakfast. This will be a great way for your children to raise money to go towards Camp Judah and get involved and invested in raising support.

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