Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Have you ever wished you could come across some material that would help you with question you have about parenting or even general "life" questions? I want to highlight the above page that I added to the blog just in case you missed it or have been wondering to yourself, "What is this HELP! page that Pastor Rob added to the top of the Parentz Express blog and does it have anything that can be useful to me? If only he would expound on it some." (come on, you know you were just wondering that last Thursday...)

This is something that I came across recently that is full of advice for many of those tough parenting situations that can leave you scratching your head, pulling out your hair or even sobbing quietly in the basement when the rest of the family thinks you're just looking in the freezer for some fish sticks.

In the HELP! page there is a link to a trusted site from Focus on the Family called "Troubled With" which covers topics such as, Abuse & Addiction, Life Pressures, Love & Sex, Parenting Children, Parenting Teens, Relationships - such as divorce or blended families, and Transitions - such as adoption or moving.

So next time you are on your way back from "the freezer in the basement", check out the HELP! page.

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