Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sunday March 25, 2012

Kidz Express is a place where we are dedicated to doing 2 things; helping volunteers explore their giftings through practical ministry and helping the children experience the love of God in a powerful, authentic and personal way. Right now we are currently looking for 12 people to join our team and help see these goals accomplished. If you are interested in Test Driving or for more information about raising up the youngest generation, please contact me at

In the grade school class this Sunday we are going to be discussing Palm Sunday and the triumphal entry.
1s and 2s: This month’s lesson is about the story of Easter and how much God loves us
3s: This week’s lesson is about the birth of God’s Son Jesus
4s: This week’s lesson is about God creating the plants of the earth
5s: This week’s lesson is about Jesus’ parable of the lost sheep

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