Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Understanding Your Toddler

(This is the second of an 8 part series on Understanding Your Youngster. Check back each week for helpful, age specific information on how to help your child's spiritual development and creating a godly foundation.)
"Moral intelligence means how we behave. It's moral behavior tested by life, lived out in the course of everyday experience. We live out what we presumably want taught to our children. They are taking constant notice and measuring us not by what we say but what we do."   Robert Coles
I'm a toddler. Welcome to my world! I'm inquisitive and like to do things on my own time table. One of my favorite words is "no." I like to do things myself. Join me in my journey and see how I do life!

  • While experiencing God's love, I need to hear and be reminded of simple Bible truths such as:
    • I am loved.
    • Jesus loves me.
    • I can thank Jesus for my family and my food.
  • Model God's love by being consistent. It helps me to see the same faces and hear the same voices weekly in my church community. This provides feelings of safety and security which are building blocks leading me to trust in God and others. 
  • Pray consistently for me and with me. I experience prayer when you say, "Let's pray and talk to God." I can hold hands with others or fold my own hands. Model for me, "Dear Jesus, thank you for my snack. Amen."
  • Parental involvement in the nursery every four to six weeks is important for me to connect church and home.
  • Read me stories from a children's Bible. 
  • Music and movement help me remember what I learn about God/Jesus/the Bible.  

"Childhood is about making discoveries."
--Jean Piaget

(Information pulled from Willow Creek's "Thought You'd Like to Know" packs.)

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