Monday, January 30, 2012

Hoogle Boogle 1.29

This past Sunday we reviewed what we learned in our Wait Training Series. Here are some questions your children should be able to answer:

  1. How did we define prayer? (talking and listening to God)
  2. How did we define fasting? (giving up something you want or need to spend time with God)
  3. What type of exercise is praising and thanking Jesus like? (stretching)
  4. Just like weight lifting is difficult, what type of prayer is really difficult? (praying for and forgiving others)
  5. What type of prayer is like a cardio work out? (praying for yourself)
  6. What does it mean to pray with J. O. Y.? (Jesus, others, yourself)
  7. What are 4 ways God speaks to us? (through the Bible, listening & journaling, godly counsel, peace)
  8. We learn from the story of the persistent widow that God is good and He hears... (our prayers)
  9. BONUS Question: I can trust God... (no matter what)
  10. BONUS Question: God speaks to me through His Word and... (by His Spirit)
3s Lesson: Learned about how God answered Hannah's prayers for a baby.

4s Lesson: This week's lesson was about God creating people.

 5s Lesson: Learned how the disciples listened to Jesus' words while fishing and ended up with a miraculous catch.

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