Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Why Am I Doing This?

How many times in a week do you end up asking yourself this question? If you are anything like me you probably hear this phrase running through your mind daily. Even though in most situations when this question arises it is out of desperation, I am beginning to learn to stop and answer that question for myself.

Perspective and focus I believe are two very undervalued states of mind. We are so often caught up in the rushing current of life and the chaos that accompanies it that we can forget the very reason we set out to accomplish certain goals. However, this Christmas season I challenge you (as if you needed one more thing to do), to pause at different times and remind yourself and your children of the reason why we celebrate Christmas; because a God we forgot, was faithful in remembering us, and took the miraculous and humbling step of coming to the earth in the form of an infant to remind us of His unremarkable love for us.

If you are interested in more check out this article by Angela Klein about an experience she had with her 3 year old daughter and how she regained her perspective - Going to the Stable.

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