Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hoogle Boogle Express Test 11/28

Sunday November 28 -

This Sunday is our Hoogle Boogle Express Test. Hoogle Boogle is a review game that we play at the end of each series to go over what we learned throughout the month. Here are some review questions:

1. Practice this month’s catch phrase: “When others’ choices give me strife, God will help me with My Life.”
2. Who’s life have we been watching this month? (Jake Mitchell)
3. How can you honor God when faced with a bully? (show them God’s love)
4. What are the three steps to handling a bully? (1. Tell them to stop, 2. walk away, 3. talk to an adult.)
5. What are the 3 steps to handling someone who is angery? (1. talk in a calm voice, 2. walk away, 3. talk to an adult)
6. Complete this sentence from our memory verse in Proverbs 15:1 about dealing with angry people, “A gentle answer turns _______ ______?” (anger away)
7. How can you respond to an unfair person and still honor God? (show them respect)

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