Friday, October 22, 2010

Bringing It Home 10/24

Hello Parentz!
I hope this can be a meaningful tool for you to help your children apply what they learn in Kidz Express. Below is a brief summary, main verse, "Catch Phrase" and a few discussion questions you can use to reinforce what we're learning this Sunday.

Sunday Oct. 24th.

Your Story. We have been learning all month the importance of going and sharing the message of Jesus with the people in our lives, but how exactly do we do this? This week we are going to learn how to write out our testimony in 4 sentences so when people ask about our relationship with Jesus we can be prepared with a quick, simple answer for them.

Acts 22:15 "For you are to be His witness, telling everyone what you have seen and heard."

Catch Phrase:
Our mission is to spread the message of Jesus
To share Jesus' love through our example
To show them Jesus' love through our service
To lead them to Jesus by telling our story

Discussion Questions:
1. If you have made Jesus the leader of your life, share how you first came to know Jesus?
2. How has your life been different since making Jesus the leader of your life?

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