Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Camp Judah Recap

Barna did a survey recently that stated that on average, kids learned more about God and the Bible in one week of Christian camp than in an entire year of Sunday School. Now, I don't believe that Kidz Express was involved in that study because we may have swayed that statistic the other direction. However, after seeing what God did among the young people at Camp Judah last week, I wouldn't be too surprised by this finding.

After doing some math I discovered that as a staff, we spend around 575 total hours teaching and ministering to the campers. And when you look at the camp as a whole, we spent nearly 3,300 total hours learning about or spending time in the presence of God! Not to mention numerous salvations and first time baptisms in the Holy Spirit.

As you can see there is a major reason why we believe in camp so much and why we spend a significant amount of time, promoting, fundraising, and preparing for this one week.

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