Saturday, July 16, 2011

Express Truths

If you sat down and thought through the lessons that you would like your children to learn before they strike off on their own, or even by the time they reach a certain age, what would those lessons be? Over the past several months I have been praying and seeking God about what it is I would like to impart to the children that pass through our ministry before they move into OutBreak with Pastor Seth.

A few months ago, once I solidified the six major truths I would like to impart, I decided that I wanted to really launch these truths when we welcomed our new 1st graders. So throughout this month and next we are going to explore our 6 Express Truths that will be a major part of what we learn throughout the entire year. I plan on developing each lesson and series to focus on one of the 6 truths whether we're learning about prayer, fasting, worship, money, bullies, obedience or any other type of life lessons or lesson from the Bible.

Last Sunday we focused on Express Truth #1 "I am a child of God the King" and learned that no matter what happens to us, or the choices we make, it will never change the fact that God loves us and He is our creator.

This week we are focusing on Express #2 "I can trust God no matter what". We will be looking at the life of Joseph and learning that even when bad things happen, I can trust God, when God asks me to do scary things, I can trust God, or when I am concerned with my well being, I can trust God.

So talk with your kids this week and ask them what types of things they find hard to trust God with, share some times when you had to trust God, and pray with them to choose to Trust God no matter what!

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