Saturday, July 23, 2011

Express Truth #3

Warren W. Wiersbe explains to us that when God spreads His Word there are 4 different types of responses that we can have according to Matthew 13. The hard heart which has no place for the Word of God and therefore the enemy comes and steals the word just as a bird eats seeds off of the ground. The shallow heart which has an emotional response to the Word of God but as soon as difficult situations come along, gives up just as a plant withers in the hot sun. The crowded heart which receives the Word of God but never cleans out the old ways of thinking and therefore the Word of God is lost among the worries, lusts and cares of life. And finally the fruitfull heart that receives God's Word and understands it. The fruitful heart is the one that hears God and jumps into action at what He says.

When we position ourselves to be like good soil for a seed, we come across the reality of Express Truth #3, "God speaks to me through His Word and by His Spirit." This week we will be acting out the parable of the sower and learning about what it means to tune into God just as a radio tunes into a station. God is speaking to us constantly through the Bible, to us directly, through what we learn in church and even what our parents tell us, but it takes practice to learn how to hear and understand what He is saying.

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