Friday, June 10, 2011

WEiRD like the Queen

Weird means odd, different from the rest, unusual, abnormal, or strange. Following Jesus should make us weird in a good way, weird in a God way. Most people only think about themselves and what is in their own best interest. It’s weird not to be selfish and think of what’s best for others. Most people are just polite because they have to and many are just plain uncaring about others. It’s weird to really care for others and be willing to step in to help them out. People are naturally selfish. Changing this pattern of thinking takes God transforming us into a new person. Allowing God to make you new will also make you weird. It would have been safer and easier for Esther to just go on living in the palace and ignore the danger her people were in. She risked her safety and comfortable lifestyle to do what she knew was right. She risked her life to save other people’s lives. If you decide to be weird like Esther, you may be called upon to do something really risky and difficult but you will be showing the world what God’s power can do when we trust in Him.

Catch Phrase:
I don’t need to be like the world, I am called to be different – set apart, holy.

Scripture Verse:
2 Timothy 3:12
In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted…

Discussion Questions:
1. Why do you think it’s so easy to think about ourselves??
2. How would you have felt if you were Esther? Scared? Nervous? Excited?
3. Do you think you would have risked your life to help others like Esther did? Why or why not?
4. Name some ways you could be weird and stand up for what’s right, even when it costs you something.

Material and image from's "Weird" series.

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