Friday, April 1, 2011


This month we are going to be starting a new series called Case File: Jesus Christ. We will be investigating the life of Jesus, what other's said about him, what he said about himself, what God said about him, and what he did while he was here on earth.

This week we will checking out a video from Pastor Craig Groeschel's children's ministry at about how just like a LOST pet, Jesus came to seek us so that we could have relationship with him again.

Isaiah 53:6
NLT “All of us… have strayed away. We have left God’s paths to follow our own…”

Discussion Q's:
1. Tell everyone your name and what kind of pet you would like to have if you could tame any animal in the world.
2. Have you ever lost a pet before – how did you feel – how do you think you would feel if you lost your pet?
3. Have you ever been lost or got separated from your parents? Tell us what was going through your mind?
4. When we sin it separates us from God as if we are lost. But He sent His Son Jesus down to the earth to find us. And we can return to God if we ask Him into our lives by asking for forgiveness from our sins and inviting Jesus to be the leader of our lives. Have you asked God to find you?

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