Thursday, February 24, 2011

Express Bucks

Two weeks ago the grade schoolers and I created a new word, although I have no dilussions about it ever making it into Webster's text of words and their meanings, your children and I have already learned, used and defined this new word and maybe you have even heard it used around your home (incidently your child may or may not have been speaking in tongues the other day). What is the new word Pastor Rob?

[eht-ssssguh] -verb
1. Earning, tithing, saving, spending and giving.
2. the management of revenues; the conduct or transaction of money matters generally, especially those affecting the individual, as in the fields of banking and investment.

I realized after this past Sunday that I should probably clarify what exactly we're doing, the opportunity your children have, and how you can reinforce what they are being taught this month. This passed Sunday's lesson was all about exploring the "E" in etssg. Otherwise known as earn, and I gave your children the chance to practice this verb. In our Funday Sunday event we discussed different ways we can earn money and what God says about how we should earn money. We then had an opportunity to earn some ourselves, Express Bucks that is.

For the rest of this series I will be offering an Express Buck to everyone that brings their Bible, memorizes the week's verse (this past Sunday's was 2 Thess. 3:10), brings a friend, and/or finds the Sword Drill verse in under a minute.

We will also be talking about what the Bible says about tithing and I will match $1 US to every $5 Express Bucks put in the offering for Ugandan Water Project. How, why, and when to save and spend, and what the difference between tithing and giving is.

Also, towards the end of the month we will be opening up our "Community Chest" store so that your children have a chance to spend what they earned.

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