Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bringing It Home 1/30

Hoogle Boogle Express Test
This week is Hoogle Boogle, here are some review questions to go over with your grade schoolers:

1. How did we define fasting this month? (giving up something you really want for a time so you can spend time seeking and praying to God)
2. We talked about Jesus fasting so he could prepare, what was He preparing for? (He was preparing for His ministry)
3. What is one thing you prayed for during our fast? (have everyone share)
4. How is fasting and prayer like planting and watering a seed? (Just as if you didn’t water a seed it wouldn’t grow, fasting needs prayer along with it)
5. We talked about fasting in a certain way, fasting like a __________. (ninja)
6. When you fast, why is it better that people not know that you are fasting? (the Bible tells us not to show off or be prideful with our fasting)
7. Does this mean if someone asks you, you should lie and say you are not? (no, but you can use it to explain who Jesus is)
8. What happens if someone finds out you are fasting? (it’s ok, as long as you’re not prideful about it)
9. Why doesn't God answer every prayer so we can see it? (we can't always be certain, but we know He loves us and that His ways are higher than our own)
10. What should we do if we don't see anything happen when we pray? (keep praying)
11. What should we do if God doesn't answer our prayer? (continue praising and serving him)

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