Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fail Meter

"We all live our lives somewhere between the Lord’s invitation to abundant life and Satan’s attempts to destroy us. Those poles are clearly and concisely captured in John 10:10. Jesus, the One Who died for us, invites us into His abounding life. The devil’s only intention for us is robbery, death, and destruction" -- Ed Chinn

One of the greatest tools the enemy uses is pointing out all the ways we fail as... Christians, husbands, wives, parents, employees ...drivers, or whatever else may be your area of "less than perfection". But when we listen to God and the new identity that He gives us we realize that He is not focused on the ways we fail, but that we are His children. So this Christmas season, for all the things that don't get checked off your list, all the times you get frustrated with your family, for all the missed opportunities, remember the way God sees you.

Give your "fail meter" a break and accept the Lord's invitation to abundant life. Decide what is really important and get rid of the things that are stealing your time and focus. Have fun celebrating this Christmas and focus on what matters, your family and their relationship with you and with God.

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